The Historic Pella Trust, established in 1994, is a non-profit preservation group who helps to preserve Pella’s architectural resources so that future generations will continue to be enriched by the historic legacy of Pella’s Dutch heritage and culture. We serve in a counseling and advisory capacity regarding historically correct architecture and disseminate information regarding restoration and reconstruction of facilities.

Our Mission Statement is:

  To Protect and Promote Buildings, Landscapes, and Sites

Important to the Heritage of Pella, Iowa.

Protect & Promote our Heritage

Our office is located in the oldest building in Pella, Iowa, The Thomas Tuttle Cabin Build in 1843.  We do provide tours of this historic landmark.

The Trust interacts to rescue historically significant property in danger of demolition. Restoration of these properties and protection covenants are arranged by our organization.  We take an active approach towards historic preservation advocacy working with local, state and national government agencies to document and preserve.

Members receive our newsletter “Preserve Pella”.  Our annual meeting is in November, by tradition we honor several Pella homeowners with a  Historic Landmark plaque and award during this meeting.

Historic Pella Trust celebrates their 25th Anniversary October 2019

Contact Information

Historic Pella Trust, Inc.

Phone :641-780-9818


Tuttle Log House address: 608 Lincoln Street

Mailing address: PO Box 1, Pella, Iowa 50219

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In the News and Events

Tuttle Learning Walk

Phase one of the Tuttle Learning Walk is in progress! The walk has been divided into 3 phases; construction, signage, and landscaping.

Your financial Support is needed to finish the Tuttle Learning Walkway!

We are excited to introduce the Tuttle Learning Walkway in partnership with the City of Pella!

Historic Pella Trust has partnered with the City of Pella to build an educational walkway between Tuttle Cabin and Sunken Garden Park. This project  creates an entertaining way for our children, adults and visitors to learn about Pella’s history and heritage through signage and plantings. It will provide a lasting tribute to the devoutness; courage and industriousness of our Dutch ancestors. We anticipate that it will become a high-interest tourist attraction! 

Visitors will learn about the 1843 homestead of Thomas and Nancy Tuttle and the role Rev. Moses J. Post had in helping the Dutch to acquire local the homesteads in 1847. They will gain insight on what motivated the Dutch to leave the Netherlands under the leadership of H. P. Scholte and why that still has an impact on our present-day culture.   As the walkway nears Sunken Garden Park, the signage will share about the cooling pond for Pella’s first electric plant and  the location for the first tulip festival. The signs will include QR codes to scan for more history and photos. The City of Pella parks department will maintain the walk that will feature a variety of heritage perennials wildflowers, native grasses and bushes along with several limestone outcroppings representing the literal foundations of our town.

  Historic Pella Trust has agreed to provide 100% of the cost of Tuttle Learning Walk through local fundraising. We are close to our last quarter of the goal of raising $195,000. We need your help to achieve this vision.

Historic Pella Trust has committed to raise 100% of the funds needed for the project so that no tax dollars will be involved.

Historic Pella Trust receives $15,000 Grant from Pella Corp. Rolscreen Foundation to help fund Tuttle Learning Walk

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Many of you will recognize the De Haan home located on University Street south of Central College. Built in 1926 (and seen here in 1936) it has an interesting look with its hipped roof and craftsman-influenced architecture. Below it is a photo of the original De Haan home, built in 1849 by Jacob De Haan, the same year he and his family immigrated from Holland. The home(s) and surrounding land have been in the De Haan family ever since. -BB ... See MoreSee Less

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Brickwork on the Tuttle Learning Walk is complete; They are working on the finishing touches with sand this afternoon. Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the project. It is beautiful! ... See MoreSee Less

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Free Tulip Bulbs! You dig, you keep! Master Gardener Duane Rempe, Chairman of the Fair Haven Memorial Garden Committee, invites you to help yourselves to all the tulip bulbs you want from any of the tulip beds at the garden, located at the NW corner of East Third and Union streets. All tulips must go in order to make way for the planting of summer flowers. Choose from any - or all - of the 12 tulip beds. He asks that you please remove the entire plant with each bulb. Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

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The City of Pella took a gut punch today. For the first time in over 155 years Pella will no longer have a newspaper. The Pella Chronicle announced that it will merge with the Oskaloosa Herald and the Pella Chronicle will cease to exist with today's edition. The Pella Chronicle has been around since 1901, but the paper traces its roots back through The Pella Blade which was founded in early 1865. The Pella Blade came along when Pella was only 17 years old and oversaw Pella until today. This is truly the end of an era, one which will never be repeated. RIP Pella Chronicle. -BB ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Historic Pella Trust

Visiting Jerry Roorda at the future Butcher's Brewhuis. ... See MoreSee Less

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Tuttle Learning Walk construction is looking great! The concrete foundation for the walkway is complete and the brickwork on top of it is about to begin installation. It will look like the brick sidewalks in Central Park after the completion of phase 1.
Please help HPT to raise funds for Phase 2, the signs that will tell the history of the founding of Pella, Iowa.
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When you invest in Historic Pella Trust you will see your money improving the historic homes in Pella. Beautiful new cedar shakes are currently being put on the roof of the Dirk Van Loon historic home on University Street. The rock house was recently purchased by the Douglas family who are lovingly restoring it. The home has a conservation easement to preserve the original exterior and the roof project was included in the purchase. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Tulip Queen and her Court made a wonderful presentation at Sunken Garden Park this morning, the tulips are beautiful also!
Take a look at the Tuttle Learning Walk construction in the beginning of the video. The Learning walk is a Historic Pella Trust and City of Pella Project. You can learn more about the Tuttle Learning Walk at
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