The Historic Pella Trust, established in 1994, is a non-profit preservation group who helps to preserve Pella’s architectural resources so that future generations will continue to be enriched by the historic legacy of Pella’s Dutch heritage and culture. We serve in a counseling and advisory capacity regarding historically correct architecture and disseminate information regarding restoration and reconstruction of facilities.

Our Mission Statement is to protect and promote buildings, landscapes, and sites important to the heritage of Pella, Iowa.

Our office is located in the oldest building in Pella, Iowa, The Thomas Tuttle Cabin was built in 1843. It is the homestead that included the center of town and was purchased by the Dutch leader, H.P. Scholte.  Tours can be arranged by email but limited do to Covid 19. Beside Tuttle Cabin you will find Tuttle Learning Walk that leads to Sunken Garden Park. 

The Trust interacts to rescue historically significant property in danger of demolition. Restoration of these properties and protection covenants are arranged by our organization.  We take an active approach towards historic preservation advocacy working with local, state and national government agencies to document and preserve.

Protect & Promote our Heritage

Historic Pella Trust celebrated their 25th Anniversary in October 2019

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Tuttle Log House address: 608 Lincoln Street

Mailing address: PO Box 1, Pella, Iowa 50219

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Ribbon Cutting Celebration for the Collegiate Historic District being place on the National Register of Historic Places 2018

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If you click on the on the page link above, we have also posted the annual meeting as 4 videos. This links you to Current Projects: Annual Meeting and Heritage Celebration.

On this page, we separated the long  video program into 4 shorter topic videos; the business meeting, the Tuttle Learning Walk; The Strawtown Cottage; The Rock House. 

Historic Pella Trust’s 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting is featured completely on the 52 Minute video below.

Thank you for watching our program and business review! 

Tuttle Learning Walk

Your financial Support is needed to finish the Tuttle Learning Walkway!

We are excited to introduce the Tuttle Learning Walkway in partnership with the City of Pella!

This educational walkway is located between Tuttle Cabin and Sunken Garden Park. It creates an entertaining way for our children, adults and visitors to learn about Pella’s history and heritage through signage and plantings.
The educational signs along the path will create a lasting tribute to the devoutness; courage and industriousness of our Dutch ancestors. 

  Historic Pella Trust has agreed to provide 100% of the cost of Tuttle Learning Walk through  fundraising. We need your help to finish paying for the six signs featured along this beautiful walk.

Tuttle Learning Walk Information Page

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2019 Heritage Impact Award

Our Facebook news feed is available to our viewers even if you are not a member of Facebook; you can view the post below by clicking on the white lettering or white photo word and it will open on your browser. Please enjoy looking at our social media posts...

Sharp-eyed viewers might recognize this building from 615 Main Street. It sits directly west across the street from the police station/Public Safety Complex and was originally home to the Henry Van Maren family. It is currently occupied by the GROOM Barber Lounge. This building might also be mistaken for its twin, which is located at 1005 Broadway.

This property is on the National Register of Historic Places and it is believed to have been constructed in the early 1860s, which would place it in the 15-20 oldest buildings remaining in Pella.

When he was 12 years old Henry Van Maren, along with his parents, immigrated to Pella with the original Holland colony. Van Maren helped construct the original Central College building in the early 1850s before making blacksmithing his livelihood for the remainder of his life. He operated his blacksmith shop across the street from his home, where the public safety complex is now located, for nearly 60 years.

After Henry's death in 1923 his daughters lived in the house until they sold it to John Vander Linden in 1928. John was a service station operator who had the home converted into a gas station. For the next 30 years the building served as the Diamond Service Station, which sold D-X gasoline and oil products, until John's death in 1957.

By the early 1960s the building was being rented out to a variety of businesses. Over the next 40 years renters included: Mick Paltzer's watch & clock repair; Davis Barber Shop; KNIA radio's remote studio; H&R Block; Grandma's Yarn; Pella Travel agency; and Franklin Life insurance.

In 1980 Lucille Crawford purchased the building and lived upstairs while she rented out the lower floor. In 2005 local preservationist Wayne Stienstra purchased the building from Lucille and had the building placed on the National Register.

This prominently located building has a long and extensive history that is intertwined with Pella's heritage. The Historic Pella Trust is thankful that its history is well documented and hopefully this property will be around for decades to come. By the way, if you're interested, the building is once again for sale. -BB
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As people who appreciate Pella, we may be guilty of taking the community for granted. If it were not the toil of many individuals, especially Henry Scholte, our town would not be here today. The Tuttle Walkway is one way that we can recognize some of the important people and events from our past. It seems especially fitting at this time of year to be mindful of those who made our community possible. With your help the Historic Pella Trust is working to complete the Tuttle Walkway, which will promote our community's heritage. We invite you to take a few moments to watch our recent video of the Tuttle Learning Walk. ... See MoreSee Less

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Historic Pella Trust welcomes the new owners of Pella Books, De J and Debbi De Jong!
The De Jong's collectable and pre-owned book business is located in the historic Soul Sleeper's Church at 824 Franklin Street, Pella, Iowa! This is across the street from the post office with their own parking lot along the side of the church.
The De Jong's have been busy displaying and cataloging the book inventory after buying the book business from Alfred Post.
Stop by Pella Books and visit with the new owners, Debbi and De J De Jong; it is a very entertaining place to browse the book topics you love!
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The stone cottage on West University Street in Pella was built in 1856 by a stone mason named Dirk Van Loon. Dirk, an immigrant from the Netherlands, purchased the lot it is located on from Dominie Hendrick Scholte. Historic Pella Trust recently sold this property to Katie Douglas and her parents, Cliff and Kathy. The new cedar shakes on the house and garage were financed by Historic Pella Trust as part of purchase agreement. Historic Pella Trust featured the newly updated rock house as part of our virtual 2020 business meeting program. For more details about this historic home, see the HPT newsletter, Preserve Pella, volume 28.
We invite you to watch this video featuring the creative ways the Douglass family updated the historic Rock House.
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Last weekend a wonderful group of hardworking Central College football players volunteered at Tuttle Cabin to help clean up the flower beds, rake the lawn, replace mulch and plant heritage plants next to the new Tuttle walkway.

The same group of football players, along with a half-dozen other Central students, also helped plant more than 13,000 tulip bulbs at the Fair Haven Memorial Garden flower beds.

Tireless HPT board member Duane Rempe donated his time to oversee and assist with both projects.

Pella is fortunate to have such willing partners to help in preserving our community's rich heritage. It says a lot that Central College, its students and athletes are so invested in the community. Henry P. Scholte, who founded both the town and the college, would be extremely proud of what his labors produced.

Thank you again to Central's football players, students and administration for your valuable contributions to the community! They are deeply appreciated.
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Jennifer's birthday fundraiser for Historic Pella Trust is on the final day and the contributions from her friends has been so appreciated!
HPT members work hard to keep this Facebook page interesting, sharing about the heritage of Pella, Iowa and promoting preservation of our historic buildings.
Your contributions will help preserve historic Pella and provide ways to keep the history available for the community and visitors.
Contributing to this fundraiser or by giving a membership donation on the HPT website or mailing a donation to Box 1, Pella, Iowa 50219 will allow The Historic Pella Trust Facebook page and mission to continue. It has been a tough year for all, especially non-profits.
On the post below, the reason Tuttle Cabin is considered the birthplace of Pella is discussed along with why Historic Pella Trust feels the Tuttle Learning Walk is an important addition to this historic landmark.
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Today the HPT features some South Pella history. The mission statement of the Historic Pella Trust calls us to promote sites important to the heritage of Pella. This is one of those important, long-gone sites. The Thomassen Store was located on the current site of Jimmy John's and State Farm Insurance at 606 The Thomassen Store was located on Oskaloosa Street, north of Pella Corp. and the old RR Depot. The original Thomassen's Store burned on February 13, 1930. It was a general/grocery store that also sold Diamond gasoline - perhaps a forerunner of modern day convenience stores. It was quickly rebuilt and the new, modern brick store reopened in July of that same year. The store went on to be used as a restaurant and later a bar, before being demolished around the turn of the last century. The current building was erected in 2002.

The Thomassen name was a prominent one that was often associated with flourishing businesses around Pella for many decades. -BB
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Jennifer's birthday fundraiser is over halfway towards the goal! Your contributions are appreciated very much to help preserve historic Pella. 100% of your contribution will go to HPT, Facebook does not take any from a non-profit. As mentioned below; do you recognize this historic Pella home? ... See MoreSee Less

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