The Historic Pella Trust, established in 1994, is a non-profit preservation group who helps to preserve Pella’s architectural resources so that future generations will continue to be enriched by the historic legacy of Pella’s Dutch heritage and culture. We serve in a counseling and advisory capacity regarding historically correct architecture and disseminate information regarding restoration and reconstruction of facilities.

Our Mission Statement is:

  To Protect and Promote Buildings, Landscapes, and Sites

Important to the Heritage of Pella, Iowa.

Protect & Promote our Heritage

Our office is located in the oldest building in Pella, Iowa, The Thomas Tuttle Cabin Build in 1843.  We do provide tours of this historic landmark.

The Trust interacts to rescue historically significant property in danger of demolition. Restoration of these properties and protection covenants are arranged by our organization.  We take an active approach towards historic preservation advocacy working with local, state and national government agencies to document and preserve.

Members receive our newsletter “Preserve Pella”.  Our annual meeting is in November, by tradition we honor several Pella homeowners with a  Historic Landmark plaque and award during this meeting.

Contact Information

Historic Pella Trust, Inc.

Phone :641-628-2935


Tuttle Log House address: 608 Lincoln Street

Mailing address: PO Box 1, Pella, Iowa 50219

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Your financial Support is needed to build the Tuttle Learning Walkway!

We are excited to introduce the Tuttle Learning Walkway in partnership with the City of Pella! The walkway will provide an educational experience using signage, instructional capsules and landscaping to offer historical insights and information regarding Pella’s early history. 

Historic Pella Trust has committed to raise 100% of the funds needed for the project so that no tax dollars will be involved. The Learning Walk will utilize a vacated city alleyway beside Tuttle Cabin that leads north to Sunken Garden Park.

Historic Rock House for Rent

1401 University Street

Consider living in our historic rock house built by stone mason Dick VanLoon in the late 1800’s.  Four rooms on the main floor and a loft, perfect size for one person. Located on a large double lot with room for growing, gardening and enjoying country living on the edge of Pella. Please email including your phone number and tell us why you would like to live in this special landmark.   Email essay for Rock House Rental consideration 

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Here's a Saturday mystery quiz for you on a sweltering July day. Notice the mattress on the upper porch in the left photo - it was hot then, too! Sleeping outdoors was the primary method to keep cool.

Do you recognize this early Pella home? Hint: It still stands today. Leave your guesses and check back tomorrow - we'll let you know the full details!
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Charles McClatchey owned the entire block (8 lots) in northeast Pella, bounded between Lincoln and Columbus streets and East 2nd and East 3rd streets. He constructed a large two and a half story house and this barn in the late 1850's along with several other buildings that covered most of the block. McClatchey started the first steam-powered woolen mill in central Iowa, later moving it to Knoxville. Charles and Cassia McClatchey had three girls but Cassia died in 1866, when the oldest daughter was just four years old. ... See MoreSee Less

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A historic home with "good bones" is never too far gone to be restored. Looking into our archives at this historic landmark preserved by Bob Klein. Many historic homes in Pella are in danger of demolition because the potential isn't recognized. I vote to keep strong historic homes out of the landfills! ... See MoreSee Less

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608 Lincoln Street in 1974; It had been purchased by Bob Van Vark during an estate auction. Some of the siding was removed exposing the walnut logs. This was before "Tuttle Cabin" was moved onto a new basement toward the back of the same lot. The cabin had been built in 1843, before the Dutch settled in Pella, by Thomas and Nancy Tuttle. It was owned by HP Scholte from 1847 until 1866, then purchased by Jan Steenhoek. The cabin was in the Sneller family the longest until 1971. After Bob Van Vark's daughter, Gail Kirby passed away it was purchased by Historic Pella Trust. We consider it the birthplace of Pella, Iowa! ... See MoreSee Less

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Once upon a time, there was a log cabin between Prairie and Skenk street according to the info under our photo. However, the Historical Society places it on the corner on East 1st? I do not have more information, I would like to know more about it, maybe someone else remembers this? ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Historic Pella Trust

Continuing research on Pella's past blacksmiths; a hobby that is special to our family...Vintage photo of Gezel's blacksmith shop on Main Street, Pella, Iowa. Henry learned how to blacksmith when he was just 13 years old and continued up to a couple before passing away. at age 78. Henry Gezel's obituary states that the community really appreciated him. This is the profession that helped to build our community. ... See MoreSee Less

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Case Naaktgeboren; Pella Blacksmith; interesting article about when he retired in 1955. We would love to hear more about the local Pella blacksmiths and their shops. JVK ... See MoreSee Less

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