Fundraising Has Begun!

Fundraising has begun for the Tuttle Learning Walkway. This is a City of Pella project where the Historic Pella Trust will be raising 100% of the funding. Our goal is to raise $200,000 dollars!  The Tuttle Learning Walk will join two of Pella’s treasures, the 1843 Tuttle Cabin with Sunken Garden Park to provide enjoyment and education both to Pella citizens and visitors alike. Historic Pella Trust is excited to move forward with the Learning Walk! 

$56,500 28%

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The learning walkway would link two Pella landmarks, the Tuttle Cabin and Sunken Garden Park, using an existing city owned alleyway.

An educational experience using signage, instructional capsules and landscaping  to offer historical insights and information regarding Pella’s early history

Information included in educational signage:

Historical insights and information regarding Pella’s early history

Historic impact of the early Dutch in Pella’s present day culture and architecture

History of Sunken Garden Park (Tulip Town), The Tuttle’s and their Farm and early lifestyles

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