Fundraising for the Learning Walk is gaining momentum!

Fundraising has begun for the Tuttle Learning Walkway. This is a City of Pella project where the Historic Pella Trust will be raising 100% of the funding. Our goal is to raise $200,000 dollars!  The Tuttle Learning Walk will join two of Pella’s treasures, the 1843 Tuttle Cabin with Sunken Garden Park to provide enjoyment and education both to Pella citizens and visitors alike. Historic Pella Trust is excited to move forward with the Learning Walk! 

$58,550 29.25%

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Pella Garden Club project to provide the plants for the Tuttle Learning Walk. 

Historic Pella Trust is fortunate to have the garden club to help raise funds for the plants that will be used for the Tuttle Learning Walk. They are contributing the profits made during their annual Garden Party Lunch and presentation towards the learning walk project 

*Doors open to Graham Hall at 11:00 am for Silent Auction/Raffle Sign Up
*The seating for the meal is at 11:30 with meal served at 12:00
*Suggested Summer Attire – Sundress, hat, sandals🌻
*Tickets are $25 and are available from any Garden Club member or contact Edie Buwalda 

Plans for the Tuttle Learning Walk feature six engraved signs with the history of  the early pioneers settling our community, through the time that the Dutch immigrants purchased the claims to build their Pella, a city of refuge.

The first plans were to have the walkway start out as a faux dirt pattern in cement until the Dutch arrive in the timeline of signs,  then it was planned to switchthe cement texture to a faux brick pattern. The early estimates of a quality faux stamped or stenciled cement was close to the price of real brick. The Trust has decided to go with a real brick pathway the entire length. Brick factories we an important part of Pella early history. 

  Each sign will contain a scannable QR code that allows visitors to access more information on their phones. The final sign will include the history of Sunken Garden park and Tulip Town.

  Limestone outcroppings and time- period  plantings will follow the path that utilizes an abandoned city owned alleyway. To reduce the grade some retaining walls also made from limestone also add texture along the pathway. The timeline will start by Tuttle and proceed in later dates as it goes towards Sunken Garden. 

Tuttle Learning Walkway

Pella City Council Meeting on February 5, 2019. The council accepted Klingner and Associates as the engineer for the project.  Powerpoint slides showing the Design timeline are contributed by the City of Pella. There are 2 slides, use the arrow to see the second slide containing the budget and timeline. 

02-05-19 – Learning Walkway Slides (2)


Klingner is designing the

Tuttle Learning Walk project. 

Klingner and Associates have a branch office on the Molengracht in Pella, at 604 Liberty Street, Suite 129. The City of Pella and Historic Pella Trust will be in good hands with Klingner Architectural Group  designing the Tuttle Learning walk. Kim Mulch, the branch manager has visited with Bob Zylstra and Jennifer VanKooten at the Tuttle Cabin. Several of the HPT board members along with Jeanette V. and Chandler N. from the City were present at the first planning session at the Klingner office on Febuary 11, 2019.  Jeremy Steenhoek was working that day, he is an engineer with this firm. His ancestor, Jan Steenhoek was the first to own and live in Tuttle Cabin after the Dutch  bought it from the Tuttle’s. I see this connection as extra insurance the the project is going to be wonderful for our community. Please consider helping us complete this project with your money donation, it can be online using the link above or sent to Historic Pella Trust, Box 1, Pella, Iowa 50219. Thank you! 

Sunken Garden
Country Landscapes concept drawing several years ago

The learning walkway would link two Pella landmarks, the Tuttle Cabin and Sunken Garden Park, using an existing city owned alleyway.

An educational experience using signage, instructional capsules and landscaping  to offer historical insights and information regarding Pella’s early history

Information included in educational signage:

Historical insights and information regarding Pella’s early history

Historic impact of the early Dutch in Pella’s present day culture and architecture

History of Sunken Garden Park (Tulip Town), The Tuttle’s and their Farm and early lifestyles

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