The Scholte Garden Historic District contains 43 homes and 2 apartment buildings. The district encompasses every dwelling on both sides of Main and Broadway streets, bounded by Washington and Lincoln Streets. For Historic District purposes, the Scholte house museum and other business buildings are not considered part of the historic district. 

27 of the district homes are of wood frame construction and 16 are of brick construction or brick veneered. 14 are a full two-stories, Ten are a true one-story construction, and the remaining 19 have a usable living space above the first floor. Craftsman is the most popular type of architectural influence, with Colonial and Queen Anne also well represented. 

The Scholte Garden Historic District research booklet by Bruce Boertje is available through Pella Books at 824 Franklin Street. The book store hours are Monday – Saturday, 10-5 or during Tuttle Cabin  events through Pella Preservation Trust. If you have any additional information on these properties, please contact Bruce, [email protected]. Abstracts are incredible sources of information. If you are willing to share your abstract please let us know. The same goes for vintage photographs or any other documents pertaining to Pella history.