Jill Jansen and Rhonda Kermode preview the upcoming block party on Broadway

Andrew Schneider visits with Rhonda and JIll about celebrating the Collegiate Historic Neighborhood with a block party and their passion for historic preservation of our communities remaining homes over 50 years old.

Many of these homes have withstood the test of time and were built solid to last many generations. The hardwood used to construct these homes is no longer affordable and cheaper alternatives are used in today’s construction.  The plaster and lathe walls breathe unlike drywall which is a synthetic product. The older windows can be repaired instead of replaced and be just as energy efficient by using storm windows as new replacements, maintaining the integrity of the style of home. Beautiful float glass used in older windows is something to be appreciated.  Many  renovations can be learned by the homeowner and these older homes provide a great investment. 

You will be able to visit with Jill and Rhonda in their homes during the block party. They encourage questions on where they are with their renovations and updates, and how they are doing it. It is like our own “This Old House” program live and in person!