3M Gives $5000 Grant to Historic Pella Trust

 In May 2018, Ashley Zwier, 3M Knoxville Human Resource Manager,  toured Tuttle Cabin and met with Jennifer VanKooten and Bob Zylstra to discuss the proposed learning walk between Tuttle Cabin and Sunken Garden Park. They also discussed the educational program involving students who visit Tuttle Cabin.  “The volunteers demonstrate pioneer skills and share the story of the first settlers to Pella and how the Dutchmen came to buy the land from Thomas and Nancy Tuttle to locate the town of Pella” said Jennifer. Historic Pella Trusts mission is to preserve the historic charm of Pella and protect existing historic buildings for future generations.

  Ashley nominated Historic Pella Trust to apply for a 3M grant, stating that this is the kind of community resource that 3M embraces; it is available to all people and promotes education on several levels. 

The application was approved! On June 26, 2018, Historic Pella Trust was awarded a $5000 grant for Tuttle Cabin, including the future Tuttle Learning Walkway. 

The Tuttle Learning Walkway is a city of Pella Project funded by Historic Pella Trust, for more information please email [email protected]