Historic Pella Trust Annual Meeting and Awards; Thursday, Nov. 8th; feature presentation by Dave Baker; “In the Details”

Our 2018 Annual Meeting will be on Thursday, Nov. 8th, doors open at 6:30 pm with a social time and displays to view,  7pm Program,  we will review HPT’s past year and give the Homeowners Awards followed by an exciting presentation by Historian David Baker! Refreshments will be served afterwards. Everyone is welcome. All ages will enjoy this event, encourage your young friends and neighbors! Invite your history classes to see Pella from an enriched perspective, and the value of preservation.  

In 2009, Dave Baker of Ankeny was studying business and history at Central College. In his spare time, he could often be found with his camera photographing sites and scenes in and around Marion County. Additionally, that particular spring semester found him interning at the Pella Historical Village and Vermeer Mill. One evening his roommate made the comment that he found Iowa dull. Dave, a lifelong Iowan would not stand for such an outrageous comment–especially since the roommate had yet to visit the windmill! However, upon reflection, Dave realized that many people share the sentiment that the Midwest in general is flat and uninteresting. After thinking it over, he decided that maybe he could combine his interests and create a photography book of Iowa communities.

Fast forward to 2018. Not only has Dave photographed over 500 communities in the state, he has photographed thousands of ghost towns, historic sites, landmarks, relics, and artifacts relating to Iowa history. His first book (now covering only part of the state, as just the 945 incorporated towns would make a large tome) is currently in the development stage. He maintains a website of Iowa history and photography: www.iowathe29thstate.com as well as the associated Facebook blog page @The29thState. In addition to writing and showing pictures, Dave enjoys talking about Iowa history and his resume includes popular speaking engagements in, among other places, Fort Dodge, Webster City, Bondurant, Norwalk, Knoxville, and Pella.

For the Pella Historical Trust, Dave will be giving an entirely new presentation called “In the Details,” which will highlight nuances of Pella history and architecture that often times are overlooked or not noticed. He will feature pictures of places that we know but show them from different angles and in different light. Furthermore, he discuss the importance of these details to Pella, Iowa, and American history as well as highlight why preservation is essential. Dave provides thorough research and will be available afterwards for further discussion as well.