Thursday, November 18, 2021
Graham Conference Center
812 University St, Pella, IA

6:30 PM Exhibits and Social Time; Welcome to Historic Pella Trust Introductions

Business Report 2021 Year in Review

Awards and Recognitions 

Guest Presentation



Special Guest Presentation by Kent and Val Van Kooten

Let’s Move a House! and Other Adventures in Historic Preservation

Valerie Van Kooten is a Pella native who spent most of her girlhood poring over the “Most Beautiful Houses in Pella” section of the 1922 Pella History Book, lamenting those houses no longer standing. She has since lived in old houses her entire life. She has been Executive Director at Pella Historical since 2015, is a writer and editor, and is chairperson of the Marion County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.
Kent Van Kooten grew up on a farm between Searsboro and Grinnell. His antique interests lie in the agricultural realm, collecting antique tractors and farm equipment. He is Senior Training and Development Specialist at Vermeer Corporation and is also the curator for all of Vermeer’s vintage equipment. He gets dragged into Val’s schemes and participates in them willingly, most of the time. Kent is also a member of the Marion County Pioneer Cemetery Commission, a group that has restored more than 20 pioneer cemeteries in the county.