NRHP: Questions & Answers

Listing Property in the National Register of Historic Places

Listing properties in the National Register often changes the way communities perceive their historic places and strengthens the credibility of efforts by private citizens and public official to preserve these resources as living parts of our communities.

Question: Will there be restrictions on my property after listing?
Answer: Owners of private property listed on the National Register have  no obligation to open their property to the public, to restore them, or even to maintain them, if they choose not to do so. Owners can do anything they wish with their property provided that no Federal license, permit, or funding is involved.

Question: What is Federal Funding?
Federal funding for historic buildings usually comes in the form of Federal tax credits for  rehabilitation.  Owners of National Register properties who choose to participate in the preservation tax incentive program must follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards  for Rehabilitation and receive approval by the National Park Service of the rehabilitation project in order to receive the tax credit.

Question:  Are there local standards?
: Local historic commissions, design review committees, or special zoning ordinances are established by State legislation or local ordinances, and are not part of the National Park Service’s National Register program. The State Historic Preservation Officer and the mayor, city council or other community officials can provide information on any State or local law which may affect a historic property. Information source: ‘The National Register of Historic Places’ booklet

For further information, contact:
National Register of Historic Places National Park Service
1849 C Street, N.w., MS 2280, Washington, D.C. 20240


Question: How do I contact Iowa’s State Historical Society of Iowa?
: For information, visit

Question: I want to see if my property is eligible. Is there a contact to review my concerns?
: William C. Page, Public Historian is available to answer preliminary questions on NRHP eligibility. Contact Will at 515-243-5740.




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